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Net Operating Frequencies

County hunters usually can be found participating in the Emergency and Mobile County Hunters Net. This net is in operation almost any time band conditions allow. Generally, these times are 1300 to 2200 UTC, but they can be extended when there are active mobiles.

The primary SSB operating frequency of the county hunting net is 14.336 MHz, and is considered the net home frequency. A secondary net usually is in operation at 7.188 MHz. On busy days, some operators will move up or down 3 kHz. Occassionally, mobile operators will shift to other bands. The usual frequency on 75 meters is 3.901 MHz, while 15 As necesary and 10 meters are at 21.338 MHz and 28.336 MHz.

The CW operating frequencies of the CW net can be found at 14.0565 MHz on 20 meters and 7.0565 MHz on 40 meters. The frequency on 30m is 10.1225 MHz These nets are not as active but put out a call, and someone will usually come back. The abbreviation "CHN" is used to designate the net.

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